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Free the Beatrice and Katie Holmes!

April 28, 2009

Anyone remember Katie Holmes in her “Dawson’s Creek” days? She had the boys onscreen running after her, desperate to pop her cherry and she’d  wrinkle her nose in the way that only the sweetest beauty can get away with? Last night, at the new Cooper Square Hotel — without public image  movie star husband Tom Cruise–Katie proved she’s still got it!  Even in an all black Alexander McQueen one strap halter top and trousers, she floats through a room like a gardenia on a pond. There to  host the thirtieth anniversary of  IFP– Independent Feature Project–  she jarred our memories that she debuted on screen  in a bit part in “The Ice Storm.”

IFP  boasts several thousand indie directors as members and pairs young filmmakers with mentors, equipment, and screening outlets. Considering last night’s event for which film buffs and social types could shell out $1000 for a sunset cocktail ripe with caviar, blinis, and champagne and a post party at $250 a pop featuring open bar and deejay Paul Sevigny, it felt like a decade ago. The Manhattan skyline blinked on all sides of the hotel’s glorious roof like stardust from the ashes. Depeche Mode blared from the stereo. A sleek stand alone chrome shower tempted  like a scene from “American Psycho” (another indie flick.) And Katie Holmes seemed at home in a crowd of indie  producers,   socialites who wanted to feel grungier than their trust funds,  and some  in “Free the Beatrice” tee shirts.  (Paul gave those out to friends.) Never did see if Katie got one of those. Maybe IFP could arrange her kidnapping, then tap Spike Jonze to shoot it. I  bet she’d have the time of her life.

(See photo slideshow below. All photos and text by Susan M. Kirschbaum)


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