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NYC Alpha Males Still Hunting at party

June 11, 2009

IMG_0764Paul Sevigny shows us … I AM MAN; YOU, WOMAN! (All photos and text by Susan M. Kirschbaum)

Just when it seemed as though New York would be run over by skinny metrosexual guys wearing black nail polish, a few of the city’s alpha dogs showed fashion girlies, specifically 25 stylish women feted by, who held the king’s chairs.  The party held at the Palace Hotel last night, served as the outlying celebration while Olivier Zahm, the Editor in Chief of Purple Magazine shot the stylish ones picked by in a suite upstairs. The chosen few included designers Charlotte Ronson and Misshapes deejay Leigh Lezark. From what we gleaned, it seemed that most of the clothes stayed on as the subjects  posed on the hotel furniture a la flashback of a Seventies free love Warren Beatty film. Besides  Zahm, aka “Oz,”  a man who can hypnotize young lovelies like a resurrected grittier  Serge Gainsbourg, white suited Paul Sevigny proved he could pick up fillies with one arm (see pic!)]

IMG_0770Paul Sevigny and Olivier Zahm consult

IMG_0779Photographer Anna Bauer and Susan Kirschbaum, enjoying the floor show

link to who Kanye West, Darek Blassberg, and other types of males besides those seen here, find sexy:

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