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Sophia Coppola, Phoenix, Fashion Photogs playing Ping Pong

October 1, 2009

Maybe it’s A SIGN OF THE TIMES! Economics are driving more fashionable people to newly opened  SPIN a ping pong club on East 23rd Street, co-owned by Susan Sarandon. Or maybe it’s because the Beatrice Inn closed. Some are still mourning the good ol’ Bea, including the two fellows pictured below, talented  fashion photographers Sean Donnola and Alexis Dahan. Just last Friday, these guys, the French band Phoenix, their front man Thomas Mars, and his longtime girlfriend director Sophia Coppola took a shot at the tables. Private party, post Phoenix show. For the rest of NYC, individuals can join SPIN at $100 a month. Judging from the video below, photographers should stick with cameras not paddles. Ha ha. I can still hear the soundtrack that night,  all those Eighties’ one hit wonder groups like Bananarama ringing in my ears.

(VIDEO by Susan M. Kirschbaum: Sean Donnola, left, against Alexis Dahan, right.)

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