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Someone Please Give Valentino A Job

November 5, 2009

valentino-garavani-retires-1Designer Valentino Garavani waves goodbye for the 80th time! Ciao belli!

Just like Cher, Barbra Steisand, and other performers who threaten the “final show,” couture and pret a porter designer Valentino Garavani made his upteenth appearance the other night at a party at the Standard Hotel. Since retiring from his eponymous line a couple years ago, I have seen this man circling the buffet  at Lever House parties, hanging out with fashion hens in cocktail filled living rooms, rightfully attending all the premieres of his documentary film, “Valentino, the Last Emperor,” but then co-hosting a reprise screening event with Gwyneth Paltrow only several days ago. Now he’s feting the DVD release at the Boom Boom Room. Please, Madonna, socialites, and all you who claim to love him, take pity on this guy. He’s BORED AS HELL. Convince him to start designing again. I’d rather see him appear every blue moon for a collection then at every open bar in the city. HE’S NOT NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY. HE’S A TREASURE. LET’S KEEP HIM THAT WAY.

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    November 5, 2009 7:47 am


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