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Vogue Picks a Frumpster? Happy Birthday Frank Tell!…plus Art Goes Pajamas

November 20, 2009

R-L: Julie Ragolia with designer Frank Tell (in original  Kanzai Yamamoto jacket) and some of Tell’s Spring 2010 designs

(Left photo, shot by Susan M. Kirschbaum at Frank’s birthday;other pix from runway shots)

This week Sophie Theallet won the top $20o,ooo prize from Vogue for the CFDA Fashion Fund. I don’t get it because Theallet’s designs look like boxy caftans. You’d never know she worked over a decade for slink master Azzedine Alaia. But alas, probably her provenance with Alaia, a one of a kind, and her friendship with sensational cosmetic prince Francois Nars got Anna Wintour to anoint her despite (in my humble opinion), a lack of talent to make a woman look sexy or desirable.

Wink and turn the other way, specifically at Macau restaurant last Wednesday, and you’d spy ingenue Frank Tell boogying down to the Strokes with stylist Natasha Royt and other lovelies who LOVE him. Not without cause. Yes, it was Scorpio Frank’s mere 23rd birthday, but the boy obviously adores a woman’s body. His leather legging feel like second skins and the fitted jackets scream VA VA VOOM! The kid’s here to stay. Wake up Barney’s and sign him up. This self taught kid who apprenticed with Sue Stemp and ThreeAsFour could use some funds and push.  He knows enough to invest and wear a Kanzai Yamamoto jacket (Kanzai wardrobed David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust tour.) Hot chicks love Tell. Leave the frumpsters to the provenance…..

Meanwhile, the art world’s picking pranks as Creative Time — the organization that  funds public works by artists — threw a fundraiser slumber themed party at the ACE Hotel. Will Cotton, the artist known for his paintings of pin up girls surrounded by creamy tarts, designed some cotton pj’s with cupcake graphics ($150 a pop through Creative Time.) Or you can catch Cotton at Partners and Spade this Sunday from noon to six, where he’ll be frosting cakes for sale. PartnersandSpade

Quite interesting in challenging economic times to note the difference between how fashion picks its winners based on A list popularity, then  to see the art crowd gassing around half dressed.

CURIOUS: Vogue Fashion Fund winner Sophie Theallet hides women’s bodies


L-R: Will Cotton Pajamas and the striking Gina Nanni at Creative Time slumber party

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