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Shining Star Recoups in NYC.. In LA: Bustles and Pooties

February 1, 2010

Joseph Arthur sings “Black Lexus” at City Winery, NYC

While mass market musicians paraded in the bustle  and pootie peep show for the Grammy red carpet last night, one real musician — possibly a poet troubadour genius — rested his mind and body before hitting the road again for shows in Texas and the South.  Joseph Arthur, discovered by Peter Gabriel over a decade ago, had just finished a show at LA’s Troubadour with Ben Harper and sold out the City Winery before the weekend.

Jo’s a poet, songwriter, guitarist, composer, painter, and a friend. He’s the type of guy, who when sitting with him, you can smell his brain burn. It never stops. Then, you feel lazy. (Note: He also plays harmonica, just like Bob Dylan.) These days, he’s painting murals on stage in between song sets and personally  selling them post show to benefit Haitian refugees.

Since I’ve dedicated this site to poetry, artistry, and style, I’ll add that Jo rocks a mean zoot suit often, which brings me back round to the Grammy nonsense. Given a myriad of press releases this morning, I got to see Britney Spears wearing a tushy tugging body suit, Snooki from MTV’s  “Jersey Shore” in purple sausage wrap, and Rihanna in a bustle dress. Who knew that mass pop performers were riding a rope between porn star and auditioning for the cast of Oklahoma? At least Lady Gaga works her trannie panache in some fantastical creations. She’s a fashion character, completely orchestrated and proof that even the oddest looking of  dames can reinvent herself. (If  uncomfortable in one’s own skin, a girl or guy can pull a Gaga, as I’ll term it. But most people don’t have the balls to do that. Thus, they worship Gaga.)

My vote goes to the men, a couple pix featured here, of Green Day and Elvis Costello. As the gals appear trampier by the minute, the guys really class it out. Sorry, ladies.  Mass trash and vaudeville.

To view the Bustle and Pootie  Peep Show, check out these pix: NYPOSTGRAMMYFASHION

To understand more of Jo Arthur, click here: JosephArthur

Ain’t nothing like a sharp dressed man.  Elvis Costello;  Green Day.

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