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What Recession? Hermes Pimps It Out

February 11, 2010

Pussycat Doll dancer gets down at Hermes’ party

(**All video and text by Susan M. Kirschbaum)

A cornucopia of delights opened up in grand form last night as Hermes infiltrated the Armory at 66th Street. Four rooms transformed  into massive playgrounds filled with lobster, filet mignon, dim sum, pin ball machines, foosball, open bars, and library books, bound and drenched in jewel fruit hues.

All this followed a store party for the Hermes Man boutique. The quotidian Hermes customer, men in sleek black jackets entered in droves, but the hip kids and freaks followed, which made the place a happening.

Estimated cost: $3 million.

To note, at a dinner a few months back,  I met a financial forecaster who told me that Hermes remained the one fashion label that thrived in current economic instability because the core customer, wealthy, seeking classic style, does not waver.

They throw a damn good party.

Edible still life….

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