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How To Walk A Runway Like Diane Von Furstenberg

February 16, 2010

DVF Fall 2010, Walk like a Woman, Think Like a Man

(**All text and videos by Susan M. Kirschbaum)

The program to DVF’s Fall collection, “Metamorphosis,” listed the following mantra written by Diane Von Furstenberg herelf: “I always wanted to live  a man’s life in a woman’s body.” Somehow I don’t think Diane, as she is called, equates that with the current trend of certain predatory straight males who get young models high and take photos of them half naked.

Diane, a class woman, has always given good face to her public: elegant, charming, evoking an old world European mystique behind a knowing grin.

Her collection really caught my eye this time, a glitter trip on acid with a bit of Russian doll mixed in.

Diane Von Furstenberg–aka Mrs. Barry Diller —  always walks the entire runway with her design director, Nathan Jenden,  post show

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