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Vito Schnabel Makes Up for the Blizzard; Proves that Artists Do Dance!

March 5, 2010

Director/artist Julian Schnabel dances with daughter Stella, “Daddy’s Little Girl,” very sweet…..

(**All text and videos by Susan M. Kirschbaum)

What can I say,  Vito Schnabel — 23 year old son of director/artist Julian — pulled a real class move. It was the night of the VIP Armory opening. Instead of attending the perfunctory MOMA after party after several hours at the Armory art fair, a friend convinced me to meet her at Vito Schnabel’s private dinner  to salute the Brucennial.

I found myself  once again lured by the trail of the rebel Bruces, in the same spot as the show on 350 Broadway, only to discover an open bar and tables of homemade pastas by Mario Battali!  When I asked one of the founding Bruces –whose name I cannot reveal– to point out others in the room of the secretive “Bruce High Quality Foundation,” he told me “You’re a Bruce. She’s a Bruce. He’s a Bruce.” Thus, Bruce is the new acronym for independent thinker I suppose.

Young Schnabel greeted everyone personally who walked through the door. “Thank you for coming.”

No, Vito. Thank you.

Rock it, `Bruces ‘worldwide.

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