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Pieces of the Exhibition… Life As Art in NYC; Plus, One Dress Completes the Tableau

March 9, 2010

Harmony Korine drawing, likely some bigger issues in subtext…

(**All text and photos by Susan M. Kirschbaum; slideshow magic by the incredible Baron Von Fancy!)

Art remains subjective. Let’s face it. Life becomes art if you view it with a gentle gaze. Duchamp found art in a toilet seat. A friend of mine — a sculptor–  thought that pastel colored loo paper sold in Chinatown represented art.  Here’s what stuck with me (below), for no particular reason after much visual stimulation.

Sidenotes: I find Rene Ricard’s interpretation of “Eros” dead on. (“Eros. Don’t forget in Cupid’s quiver the dart of Love is mixed with plain old Arrows.” – Rene Ricard, NYC ’09) The “Sleepwalker” comes from Leo Koening Inc. Gavin Brown, as I recall, makes a funny face for a baby at his gallery. In darker corners, I betcha Harmony Korine (drawing: bald dude in tutu) hides a secret stash of lingerie somewhere, while Israeli artist Nir Hod’s self portrait (double image/gray) strikes me as far prettier with probably nothing to hide. Kermit (Arndt Gallery, Berlin) is still living in the closet. And Zac Posen made Rosson Crow’s red gown — you can’t miss it!– from material she designed. Together, with the paintings, the cinematic effect enchanted me  like an Almodovar film set.

(“Bowery Boys” Crow’s show that depicts various NYC landmarks and bars,  stays up at Deitch Projects on 18 Wooster Street until  March 27th)

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