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Better To Be Naked Than in Costume

September 14, 2010

Some beautiful kids surround Iggy Pop at Don Hill’s during “Fashion’s Night Out,” (9/10/10)

**All text and videos by Susan M. Kirschbaum

A few friends compared fashion’s night out with Halloween, only because getting a cab proved nearly impossible and traffic backed up throughout the city. But, I’ll compare it to Halloween in another sense: the costumes get weirder each fashion season. I won’t name names, but girls on the front row  have begun to sport glitter rimmed sunglasses. There’s that boyish blogger with his rhinestone studded blackberry posing for pix with admiring squealing eunuchs, also in metallics or embellished shiny violet jackets. (Meanwhile, designer Alexander Wang sent down a full runway of seemingly hospital inspired white. Since I’ve liked every collection but this one, I’ll let Wang off the hook since it could reflect some gut reaction to the strong garish  trend  in the fashion world.)

Such loud visual cues to grab attention — dyed white hair, red lipstick with embellished shades, leopard or zebra print leggings, every metal mixed in bracelets and chains and studs–  all at once –make them eyesores. Call it the Lady Gaga effect. There’s a fine line when you mix elements. One too many can sink a ship. I remember what Barney’s Simon Doonan told me as a rule of thumb: “When in doubt, remove something.”

I’m sorry, but  people don’t need to qualify as “freaks” to be considered fashionable, unless you’re Iggy Pop, who did a private show at the new Don Hill’s as shoppers stormed the stores. He’s the best kind of freak, because he gets his angst out in the open — sometimes naked — instead of dressing up like a Christmas tree.

Don’t pose, people. Fucking LIVE!

**ps: I am devoting the rest of this week’s coverage to people who sport great style who also possess some raw talent, some  of it tapped, some in the tapping. I will  focus on what’s beautiful and imaginative.

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