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Beautiful Girls

September 15, 2010

Ashley, looking fierce in Phillip Lim  outside the door when Courtney Love played Don Hill’s on Saturday evening

(**All text and photos by Susan M. Kirschbaum)

A few of them stand out, Fashion Week NYC.

Ashley Ruprecht

Old World Glamor Revamped: You might have spotted the striking brunette wo-manning the doors at Kenmare and Don Hill’s. The former model also makes hats worthy of the most divine flapper in the Twenties. Her creations combine eccentricity and feminine glamor in a way that a British dandy cannot. She’s one of the most pulled together dames in the city. To check out Ashley’s one of kind creations, email her through Faeth Millinery AND check out the FACEBOOK PAGE: Faeth Millinery.

Rini, in vintage YSL at Kenmare

Irina Lazareanu. Feisty Irish Romanian. She can look like a doll and ramble like a sailor. Rini reminds me of a bird looking for her flock, not only hoping to find them but to lead them somewhere magnificent and safe. When not modeling and hosting fashion week soirees, she writes poetry.

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