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Bring in the Skaters, Dancers… Models Not So Much

February 19, 2011


Above, you’ll see dance trainees from the New York based Bolshoi Ballet Academy lift joints like suspended dolls as a violinist plays and a possible castrato sings. They played these roles at Milk Studios this week to draw attention to the brilliant antique bling of Erickson Beamon jewelry, with necklaces and brooches laid on displays at the performers’ feet.

Via a similar trick to deviate from the standard runway, Elise Overland cast skaters on the ice rink outside the Standard Hotel.  Do I remember the clothes? Sure, a bit. Some feathers and fur and brilliant green. Mostly sleek lines. But what I recall most is the branding effect. Yeah, Elise did something novel, quirky, fun. Maybe that’s the best trick of all, to leave your audience with smiles, the kind of post excitement grins that  children bear after seeing the circus.

As for the ballet presentation, I’d always rather watch dancers dance, but I cannot argue against anything that puts ballet in the spotlight. It is the drive for human perfection and when it is done right it is sublime.

If Erickson Beamon’s presentation can encourage doyennes to invest in  stunning pieces of their showcase jewelry and also buy seats at ABT or New York City Ballet, let’s  consider it cultural environmental activism.

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