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It’s Come to This…..

May 13, 2011

“Models Fit to Be Tied” exhibit, conceived by artist Orly Genger and Victoria Bartlett, VPL creator, at VPL store in Soho (Photo by Susan M. Kirschbaum, taken on Samsung Flip phone… vintage mobile!)

New York City used to be full of happenings. I believe Andy Warhol used to stage happenings in the sense that he’d `curate’ interesting, fabulous, and damaged people, put them in a room and see what cooked.

A model is a commodity, a clothing hanger of  elongated proportions, better silent and moving the garb along… UNTIL NOW,  when two are thrown under silver ropes created by artist Orly Genger in a collaboration with VPL clothing designer Victoria Bartlett. It only lasted for three hours this past Monday evening, the ephemeral phantom vision. Here today, gone tomorrow.

It was fun to see spectacle in our world filled with Starbucks, chain stores, tweets, and  Next Top Model reality show contests. All static……

But this felt weirdly, ALIVE.

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