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Whitney Art Party: Style NOT DEAD in NYC!

May 26, 2011

Literal skirt chasing at Whitney Art Party! (*Check out the red bottoms , a tell tale sign of Louboutin heels)/Photo courtesy of Billy Farrell

When you’ve decided that people famous for nothing have taken over the planet; that it has all become one big media circus: The clowns finally go home and some of the hottest people in New York head to the  new downtown outpost of the Whitney Museum, now just a ground broken space on West 15th Street.

Work of almost a hundred evolving artists marked the walls — from shards of broken glass on a mirror, paintings of bunnies, boxes made from wire on a canvas– went up for bid to aid educational programs at the Whitney.

But the guests represented the real art that sparked me.

This was not some ridiculous casserole of movie stars in styled outfits.Rather, “Breakfast At Tiffany’s,” Antonioni’s “L’Avventura;” Bridget Bardot in a sexy shift dress, with her pumps dangling over the edge of a catamaran in the South of France. These images sprung to consciousness as one gal after another strolled into the welcoming, still  unadorned space in glitter frocks, minis, and strategically well placed ruffles. The men wore slim jackets, James Bond style, and European loafers.

My pal, photographer Gavin Doyle, sported an olive-green Fendi jacket with a Chinese collar. I slipped into a black lace bodice with olive silk draping by the incredibly talented designer Frank Tell and a stunning power ring by Eddie Borgo, one of the hosts of the evening. (To note: I am calling it a power ring, not Eddie! )

Crowd at Whitney Art Party/Billy Farrell

Susan Kirschbaum in Frank Tell and Gavin Doyle in Fendi jacket/Photo: Billy Farrell Agency

Modeling stunning Eddie Borgo ring/photo by Gavin Doyle


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