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Living Art is Where It’s At! Elites and Aspirationals Descend Upon NYC!

March 8, 2012

Writer Bob Morris points out art– Mickey ears by designer Jeremy Scott–  at the Nicolas Pol show

March 06, 2012: What is it about New Yorkers — or even visiting Europeans in this particular case — that loves musing around a mansion on the Upper East Side, cocktails swilling, affecting nonchalance as we  secretly pose in front of abstract paintings to see what effect we personally have in each room?  It’s as though we all harbor Edith Wharton fantasies.  Or, maybe closer to the truth, New Yorkers represent the most sophisticated performance artists in the world. The other night, at a particular art show by Frenchman Nicolas Pol, curated by Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, a lot of the young global jet set struck casual glimpses at each other, at a particular vacated 71st Street mansion (on the sales block) reaching climactic moments in a dance of glances up and down the winding staircases.

Now, a day later, the art fairs have arrived in town: the Armory, Scope, and other side shows of painters, sculptors, and photographers from all over the world. I’ve been running around shooting videos on my baby Canon — capturing candid moments with the fabulous and the freaky– that will debut next week for my new creative series partner, the Standard Hotels.

Link to the live feeds coming soon. Spread the word. The performance art is about to go to a whole new level……

” You really DON’T want to mess with us! We’ve written for the New York Times.“~ Susan Kirschbaum and Bob Morris stir it up, Uptown

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