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Out Takes:Choreography and Other Antics by Artist Dustin Yellin

March 19, 2012

Performance by artist Dustin Yellin

Andy Warhol wore white wigs and played an exaggerated non verbal voyeur in public. Before him, artist Salvador Dali, rolled melons down a red carpet before he arrived at a film premiere, carried around his own rhinoceros chair, and referred to himself in the third person. And now, in 2012, painter/sculptor/collagist Dustin Yellin assumes a frantic persona for me in this out take from my artists’ video series called  NAKED AM/PM for Standard Culture (the arts/trend section for the website of the Standard Hotels.)

Such eccentricities can become part of the artist’s persona.

Yet, despite the alter ego seen here, Dustin –who opens new work Tuesday night at the Half Gallery —  has proven consistently that studied thought goes into his creations. I’ve seen light sculptures that illuminate different sized guns, as well as  coral hued organs and skeletons.

However, given his penchant for scurried movement before a camera, from a dance perspective, I’d categorize him as spontaneous post modern.

Investigations of a Dog by Dustin Yellin opens tonight 6-8 pm, at Half Gallery 208 Forsyth Street, running until April 22nd.

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