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Beautiful Boys and …… Whitney Art Party

June 9, 2012

The Whitney Art party lures with all the trappings.  Beautiful boys — exemplified by curator Tim Goosens and artist Amit Greenberg (pictured above). Copious liquor:  the rose champagne, noted. Socialites.  Comely movie star: Kate Bosworth. Fashion designer host:  the talented Olivier Theyskens with his Renaissance face. A few freak shows a la diva in metal headdress and boys/girls in neon dresses, tube socks, and white sneakers. And this year, some damn good art.

Artist Rebecca Chamberlain contributed a triptych with two stark rooms on either side of a red square.  I especially liked what she wrote on her bio  next to the piece:

“I rely on the human tendency towards expectation and delusion, moods omnipresent in every era.”

I suppose without this, we’d all  be dead.

Art by Amit Greenberg (above)

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