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Adam Green Takes Disney (and Who Town) by the Tail in Red Hook!

June 11, 2012

Adam Green rocks a copy of Who Town — best accessory– in Red Hook/photo: Phyllis Leibowitz

Not that many people can embody the characters that have shaped their lives from childhood on out. Adam Green — musician/songwriter and painter– represents one such evolution.

Saturday, at artist Dustin Yellin’s Intercourse space in Red Hook Brooklyn, Green launched “Cartoon and Criticism,” fantastical paintings featuring Donald Duck, demons, and Aladdin riding a magic carpet toward the burning Twin Towers. While the wall art certainly built a series of fairy tales morphed into Green’s current perspectives, he also took the stage, looking magical in brown leather pants, vintage red shirt, and what I’d call a yodeler’s hat. He sang of  doing blow and Disney (efficient not exact phrasing here) that was all a part of ‘the same trip.’  

Not sure what Freud would say about this. But I’d say that Green represents the ultimate “Peter Pan” of men. That makes  us little girls feel like something subversive lurks in those princess fantasies we’ve all had.

Admit it bitches!


Art by Adam Green

The Intercourse in Red Hook Brooklyn (Photo: Susan Kirschbaum)


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