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I’ve Been EXPOSED! by Electric Literature

September 24, 2012

Now a COOKIE, next WORLD DOMINATION (Guess who?)

So many have inquired how a former contributor to the New York Observer, New York Times, and myriad magazines ended up self publishing.

Well, times have changed with the onslaught of public opinion, where everyone exposes his/her personal details on Facebook and Twitter. Those, from Mickey Mouse to your Aunt Minnie  might blog. And the big fame dreamers willingly make asses of themselves  on reality television.

It’s the age of a new narcissism and Fifty Shades of Grey, which proves there are a lot of unsatisfied married ladies out there NOT getting laid and possibly (sadly) stuck reading at a fourth grade proficiency level. But NEVER MIND……

Electric Literature — a dynamic web world and quarterly — dedicated to literary fiction as well as quality non fiction, keeps asking questions.

They asked me. See following links!



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