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WHO? Chrissie in Oz at Boom Boom Room (Standard Hotel West)

February 14, 2013

WHO? Chrissie in Oz at Boom Boom Room (Standard Hotel West)

(Photo from Purple Magazine/Diesel party at Standard Hotel “Boom Boom” room/shot by Susan Kirschbaum)

02-14-2013 I first met Chrissie Miller (left) when she started her line Sophomore with cool irreverent tee shirts. It/she became a downtown cult brand. Here she puckers up to Purple Mag Editor Olvier Zahm aka “Oz” the other night at the Standard. Oz, renowned for the “pin ups” of naked muses he posts on Purple Diary, likes to flow with his animal instincts. Chrissie’s real life beau is artist (star of Larry Clark’s films Bully and Kids) Leo Fitzpatrick. And her mom, Susan Miller, pens the addictive column  Astrology Zone.

I forgot to ask Oz the following question, but since it’s Valentine’s Day, here goes it, to my readers: If you could choose between a lifetime of great sex with partners who don’t last or lasting love with just one, which would it be and why?

For those who have read my novel Who Town, Lola certainly presents an interesting case study. If she existed in real time, she’d likely be a Purple muse.

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