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WHO? Femme Fatale Boys Galore!

April 2, 2013
Who?Femme Fatale Boys.. Prince Peter and Jacob DeKat

Who? Femme Fatale Boys.. Prince Peter and Jacob DeKat Photo: care of MilkMade

03-26-2013  Last week, fresh off a family holiday filled with matzoh ball soup and tales of freedom from slavery (ei: the Exodus from Egypt), two of my favorite femme fatales — Prince Peter and Jacob DeKat, the editors of Galore Magazine– co-hosted a dinner at the Hurricane Club for their new issue, WOMEN WHO ROCK!

Now, this issue of Galore is filled with cheesecake. By that I mean, all kinds of women — from actress Paz De La Huerta to Blondie,  Floria Sigismondi (who directed myriad cool videos including Marilyn Manson’s the Beautiful People) to model Chanel Iman and Talia Shire (yeah, Rocky’s “Adrian!”) are shot in “how do ya like my ta-tas?”poses.   The interviews are cheeky, questioning the gals about their obsessions, what a perfect world would look like, to what would you name your memoir?

If any other guys, other than lush haired Mr. DeKat (Cat… prrr… fits him) or twinkly eyed Prince (He’s a combo of Purple Rain Prince and Peter Pan)  tried to pull this off, I might be offended.  But, they’re both so pretty and they LOVE women, which is why it WORKS.

I found myself at an all girls table sharing fried traif (popcorn shrimp) with Britany Nola, a mulatto, blonde, blue eyed Jewess. She regaled me with stories about women’s rights and showed me pix of her afro sporting fly boy dad. Raised in cow country Pennsylvania, she got herself kicked out of a  high school class taught by an arch Republican for wearing an Obama tee-shirt  in ’08.  Only later did I discover that Ms. Nola had donned the cover of Playboy as Ms. November.

What you see is not always what you get. That’s always how  Jacob and Peter’s events go down. Surprises at every turn.

Gotta love the dichotomy.

**End note: The good time continued, post dins at Les Bains at the Standard Hotel.

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