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WHO? Victor Kubicek: It’s Bigger than Bernie Madoff “In God We Trust”

April 22, 2013

Director Victor Kubicek taks about the aftermath of Bernie Madoff (Video shot/directed by Susan Kirschbaum)

04-21-2013  It’s going to take a lifetime –maybe never — for Eleanor Squillari to loose the psychological oil slick of having been the secretary of Bernie Madoff, the sheyster who organized perhaps the largest Ponzi scheme in history. Madoff laundered, then stole billions: investments from not just celebrity clients and human rights icon Elie Wiesel, but also the cash of “the average Joe,” who was perhaps the most affected.

It took two very charismatic guys–Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek— to convince Eleanor to entrust the rights to her life story to them, so they could direct the documentary In God We Trust,” that premiered over the weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The film unveils that Madoff certainly did not act alone, or even locally.  I learned of the secret “17th floor” where the dirty deals went down and evidence destroyed; two support staffers — one man, one woman– who resemble mob thugs; and a global conspiracy of high powered brokers, including a Viennese grandma called Sonja Kohn, whom no one can seem to pin down while she galavants around Europe. To note: Kohn looks like Madoff’s doppelgänger, literally she could be Madoff in a wig and lipstick. NOT PRETTY.

But my pal, Mr. Kubicek, who is pretty , sat down with me on his terrace and told me why this film’s a WARNING.

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