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WHO? Daddys’ Girls! June 12th…….

June 12, 2013
Susan Kirschbaum hosts Lit Society No. 8 Daddys' Girls with Paula Froelich, Monique Erickson, poet in residence Arden Wohl and STARRING Leigh Newman, author of Still Points North

Susan Kirschbaum hosts Lit Society No. 8 Daddys’ Girls with  journalist/author Paula Froelich, “slash poet” Monique Erickson, Poet in Residence Arden Wohl and STARRING Leigh Newman, author of Still Points North

As we approach Fathers’ Day 2013, how apt that Literary Society No. 8 honors “Daddys’ girls.”More specifically, we share the stories of women who’ve loved their dads to distraction, but for one reason or another — divorce of parents being one of them— they experienced a distance from the first males in their lives and had to grow in unexpected ways.


**CLICK ON RED We made the Cut : NY Mag on Daddys’ Girls

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  1. Laura permalink
    June 25, 2013 4:49 pm

    Hey Susan, love to read about you and will most certainly get myself a copy of Who Town, congrats! Loved to see the pix of you when you were little on here, I remember those kitchen chairs…..memories came flooding back to me! Sally Who? Take care xo.

  2. Laura permalink
    June 25, 2013 4:50 pm

    BTW, you look great!

    • itsthattimeagain permalink*
      June 26, 2013 3:07 am

      Hi Laura. Thanks so much! Who Town is now selling in NYC bookstores (soon to U Penn!) and on Amazon, which is probably your easiest place of purchase until I expand… coming soon. I’m laughing re: Sally and my dad’s fictional nightly series. Sally wasn’t based on you or anyone specific to “the hood” but she was my fictional neighbor and she had a little dog named Spot, whom I really should have mentioned since he was the star! I liked him even better than Sally. I probably liked Sally because I really wanted to steal Spot from her. But I will say the backyard I envisioned when dad told the story was that belonging to the “D” family. Who can forget that play house? LOL! Hope you and your family are well! Xoxo

  3. Laura permalink
    June 26, 2013 11:54 am

    Your dad was the funniest and sweetest man! I’m sure he still is 🙂 And your mom, BEAUTIFUL inside and outside xo. They also look incredible?! I saw pix online w/you all from your book debut. So, so happy for you and proud of you……as for that playhouse, I soooo wanted to live there! Another daddy who built that for his little girls which is a great thing. Can’t wait to read Who Town! My sister is moving to NYC 7/1 for a 1 year fellowship, hope to meet up w/you for lunch or dinner. Take care!

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