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WHO? The Pearce Family in the Crash Reel!

July 15, 2013
Lucy Walker and Kevin Pearce, Sundance 2013, "The Crash Wheel"

Lucy Walker and champion USA snowboarder Kevin Pearce, Sundance 2013, “The Crash Reel”

Just when I think my friend, documentary filmmaker Lucy Walker has told her finest story– which I believed in Waste Land, artist Victor Muniz’s landfill art project—she raises the bar. And, she grabs my heart in doing so….

This evening, The Crash Reel — the story of champion USA snowboarder Kevin Pearce— how he smashed open his head (literally), suffered a brain injury, and came back a champion of humanity– will debut at 9 pm on HBO.

It’s Kevin’s story, how he fights to win first as a snowboarder and then to make peace with his disabilities; but it’s also the tale of an incredible family who challenge, feed, and nurture each other’s spirits. (*Keep an eye out for Kevin’s brother David, who often steals the show.)

This one’s not to be missed. A REAL GEM.

Through his foundation LOVE YOUR BRAIN, Kevin brings awareness to those with brain injuries and some great gifts help the cause. CHECK IT OUT. SPREAD THE LOVE: LOVE YOUR BRAIN/KEVIN PEARCE

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