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WHO? The Movers & the Shakers!……

September 15, 2013


Our tribes find us.

Just  off  Jewish holidays — a 25 hour Yom Kippur fast and my first holiday with the Kabbalah Center in NYC– which included Queen of Pop Madonna in black baseball cap  that said “Reine” (French for Queen) in the first row of what I’ll describe as a clapping  Baptist style spiritual awakening —  but with dancing  Jews —  I’m ‘coming down’ from the high, which also included Fashion Week.

While I feel connected to my genetic history, I feel religions reflect mythologies created by men: storytellers. Fashion, my original ‘beat’ as an NYC journalist a decade ago, also creates mythologies by men and women, for men and women: storytellers.

In the past week I’ve seen a lot of old friends, with whom I’ve survived certain ‘rites of passage’ of the NYC I’m young and bold variety. Just like the kids in Who Town, we’ve seen people reach the stars, the pinnacles of artistic careers and media fame. Some folks died, divorced, babied, married, lost their souls, then found them again.

You’ve just got to embrace the journey.

Someone said that Kabbalah is not about religion, but rather a conduit to the energy of the connection, in this case to Hebrew letters (the code of the Zohar and the Torah) For me,  such a conduit sparks via the singing, the dancing, the MOVEMENT, whether within a spiritual context or in life.

Thus, I’m presenting this moving image of Arden Wohl’s vegan shoe line in collaboration with Cri de Coeur (**no animals were harmed in the making of this footwear) Yes, she also serves as Lit Society No. 8’s  Poet In Residence. I present here, poetry in motion……

As the current school season starts, students of life, be well. Keep moving forward!



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