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WHO? Marianne Vitale, “My pimp” in Performa’s the Missing Book of Spurs

November 23, 2013

Bogdan Teslar Kwiatkowski (left) tries to seduce his bar (cast) mate with singular moves & grooves. (Video by Susan Kirschbaum, after a bit of champagne.)

11-23-2014 I always enjoyed playing “Cowboys and Injuns” with my Pop-pop when I was a little girl. We’d line up the red, yellow, green, and blue men with rifles and hatchets on the rug, and I suppose in our own way, we created a work of art every time. We built a story out of toy men, evoked history, waged battle.

Little did I know that Xxx?! years later, I’d meet the effervescent sculptor/artist Marianne Vitale in a living saloon she created for the Performa festival entitled “The Missing Book of Spurs.”

This eve, I’ll be flaunting “my wares” for these two chaps grooving behind the bar, since I’m portraying a whore in Marianne’s book. Rest assured, I’ll be charging the blokes figurative top dollar! And I might give them some dancing lessons in the process….

Susan Kirschbaum plays "bar whore" in Marianne Vitale's Book of Spurs/Performa 2013

Susan Kirschbaum plays “bar whore” in Marianne Vitale’s Book of Spurs/Performa 2013

Susan full length

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