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Memories of Brussels

March 28, 2016

puggy_live_concert_ancienne_belgique_bruxelles-9370_-_kmeron-_-_by-nc-ndAncienne Belgique, a place I’d frequented often as a student, to see bands– the Charlatans, the Stone Roses, etc.– in Brussels, Belgium


by Susan Kirschbaum

FALSTAFF raspberry tarts
at 4 plus a.m.
Bourse outside, closed
But club kids
Aah, OUI C’est COOL
Black box, playing
Today, a sad day
The Mannequin Pis
The British boyfriend
Tight on his shillings
But, yes, mussels and fries
And weirdly spiced beers
And chocolates and
Synagogues on the outskirts
of town, where
Guards stand with Uzis outside
The Turkish baths
The vintage stores
The lace
The Moroccan restaurants
So much food
So good
So exotic
NATO office idiots
How can they rep the States?
The long bureaucratic lunches
Meats wrapped in puff pastries
Cappuccinos and champagnes
The heady weekend on the lake
When we broke into the wine cellar
Snowed in
Pricey bit of grape
Drinking at all hours
And a rickety oven
So, the chicken, when finally cooked
So slow
Fell off the bone
He sang to me, “She wore a raspberry beret”
With his punk blonde curls
Hanging over one bold blue eye
He skipped in Converse high tops
Till we giggled
From the ridiculousness of it all
The innocence of it all
Of which there is
No more
In these times of surveillance
And invading hell.

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