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(Pas Trop) Sentimental

February 11, 2020

LAMOUR.SUSANKIRSCHBAUM.jpeg(Ecrit par Susan Kirschbaum/Copyrighted 2020)

FUCKING is a sport

TO LOVE is an art

HIDING is a trick for the weak ones,

UN-EVOLVED children.






December 4, 2019

SUSANKIRSCHBAUMSELFPORTRAITDEC2019“Susan in Tutu”/Susan Kirschbaum barefaced self portrait/Shot December 2019 **All words and images here are copyrighted.

Shortly after I’d hatched

I found a Nutcracker

Under a Tree

On a Stage

That Captured my eyes

Then my arms; torso; legs; feet,

To become just like them

Girls who transformed

Into Snowflakes; Fairies: Queens

Arabian Seductresses

Who clicked chimes between fingers

We danced for a Prince

Who killed the Rats

Who descended en mass

The Prince was a Hoax

Those Rats….

They are Everywhere now

Yet, wth one little Tutu,

I come to life

Once more,


Post Teenage Daydream

November 23, 2019

SusanSelfie2019.jpg(Photo: Self portrait “bare faced selfie” of Susan Kirschbaum/Sept 2019)

I suspect he’s got borderline personality disorder

“You’re always leaving me…” He says

But we’re already gone…

He and I

I imagine he gets lost in his drugs

The way I get lost in ballet

I imagine he gets lost in music

Same way my father did 

Same way I get lost…

In the tales in my head

That make it to my body,

That make it to the page

We are genii, 

He and I

Protected in talents 

That no one can touch

Shields to the world

Covers to the cracks in our mirrors, 

His on the opposite side of mine,

Put them together and they shatter all illusions

So dangerous is LOVE.

**Copyrighted material


August 8, 2019

SusanKirschbaum2019.jpg(Photo of Susan Kirschbaum/2019) **La poeme (poem) COPYRIGHTED material.


J’en ai marre du peuple

J’en ai marre des gens

J’en ai marre de la bêtise

J’en ai marre d’attendre lui

Je suis crevée mais je suis toute lumière

J’habite dans le soleil

Mais je préfère la lune.

Poeme écrit par Susan Kirschbaum



I am sick of ‘the People’

I am sick of people

I am sick of stupidity

I am sick of waiting for him

I am tired

But I am all light

I live in the Sun

But I prefer the Moon.








My Shadow Self

May 9, 2019

SusieGreenShoes.jpgPhoto of/by Susan Kirschbaum **words/poetry & image/Copyrighted material

NO BLUES for the girl in the green shoes

Electric Neon Dream Candy

The envy of every Dandy

Lighter than the Queen

She can hop a caravan in those things

The camel reads her mind

Then takes off like Pegasus.