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Terence Koh’s Minions Mistaken for Klansmen

November 23, 2009

(Video shot by Susan M. Kirschbaum, front row bench shot; Please credit accordingly)

In 1991, a procession from St. Brigid’s Church marched in protest through Tomkins Square Park to respond to police offensives to close the park, enforce curfews, and clear out hundreds of homeless people, drug addicts, and skinheads who hung out there.

In 2009, this past Saturday, the artist and provocateur Terence Koh whitewashed a group of volunteers to re-stage a peaceful protest in the East Village park, as part of Performa’s arts festival. What Koh’s white knights did not expect: the little black boy who mistook them for Ku Klux Klan. In the video above, listen closely at the outset to hear the kid say, “Are you supposed to be the KKK?” Then he won’t relent in his questioning as he comes around the front. “Hey, I’m talking to you!”

Koh trained them well. Not one flinched. The kid’s got real balls of fire, especially if he thought these guys were promoting white power. GUTSY. GENIUS.

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